Choosing Your Home Inspector

The acquisition of a home is one of the most important steps you make in your life. You need to have your home verified by a home inspector. The home must be checked for any problems that may exist so you can perform the necessary repairs. In your search for a professional, there are some things to consider if you want to make the right choice. These are the things you should look for before hiring anyone:

choosing your inspector

Having Enough Experience

Experience is one of the best indicators of professionalism. A beginner can be good enough, but someone who is experienced is recommended. You can verify the background of the person you are hiring and see what training he has and for how long he is in this business. The inspector should have enough experience in interior and exterior inspections as well as basic home repair and the construction industry. Working with someone who doesn’t have a clue about the way your home is built and who doesn’t know the local business codes is not relevant for what you try to achieve.

Being a Member of a Professional Organization

Home Inspectors who are members of a professional organization in their field of work are usually the most reliable. There are statewide organizations and there are national organizations. They all have some licensing requirements and procedures. While being a member of an organization is not a guarantee of professionalism, it is better to consider this aspect when you make the hire.

Having the Required Qualifications

Certifications are extremely important to look for when you hire a home inspector. By choosing a professional with top qualifications, you can make sure that the person will know everything about your home without having to break a wall to see what’s inside of it, or how it has been built. Homes are built in such a way that some elements may be hidden inside walls. Another important thing to check is if they have had a good amount of experience with all different home inspection services including pre-sale inspections, pre-purchase inspections, termite inspections and even commercial building inspections. Not all qualifications can be considered in the same way. Some inspectors can get their qualifications fast, by attending a few rapid and short courses. Top qualifications are obtained after years of study and intensive training.

house inspection report

Offering a Detailed Inspection Report

The inspection report you receive from the inspector must meet your requirements and the requirements of your lender. You can request one or more samples of previous work. You should be able to obtain a written report that is made in detail. If you get only a handwritten list, you could have problems understanding it and it may not contain the necessary details. There are three key things that a reliable report must contain: an overview of the home, items that need maintenance and items that need repairs.

Using The Proper Equipment

A professional home inspector carries the best equipment. This equipment is a necessary investment for any professional in the field and may include: flashlights, circuit analyzers, fuel analyzers, gas analyzers, moisture meters, digital cameras, etc.

Not Asking for An Exaggerated Price

Choosing a home inspector who offers the lowest price may not be a good idea. The price should be fair, not exaggerated. A too high price doesn’t justify professionalism and it can be as suspicious as the lowest price. A professional knows how to provide value without breaking your budget.